05 Nov

Delicious Mexican Candy Treats That are Available in Denver

Mexican candy is renowned for its authentic taste and wide fusion of flavors, nevertheless, most of them have the common trait of being sweet and spicy. This special blend makes most Mexican candy Denver products stand out from the rest, unlike other common treats Mexican candy consists of spicy salty flavors that are evenly distributed. Something that ensures the overall taste is subtle and not overpowering. Some of these treats include:

The Cajeta Candy

Also known as Caramel Candy, or dulce de leche in native language, this is Mexico’s most cherished and popular candy that can be found in most confectionary stores around the country. Cajeta is basically a sweet caramel ingredient that’s made from goat or cow milk, it can be taken raw or as topping on various dishes and candy items. Nevertheless, the product is mostly taken together with pancakes, cookies, ice cream, cakes and sometimes even wafers. They can also be used as lollipop candies, hard candies or chewy caramels.

Tamarindo Candy

As the name suggests, this product is made from tamarind, which is a popular orange-like fruit that comes from Asia but is also grown widely in Mexico. A big majority of Mexican sweets have tamarind inside, which produces the sweet and sour taste. Sometimes, spicy tamarind is sold in form of spoon suckers that are available in small conventional clay jars.

Mexican Chocolate Candy

Mexico also provides some of the most delicate and delicious concoctions available for chocolate lovers. In fact, it’s widely believed that Aztecs of ancient Mexico were the first to introduce cacao plant to the Americas, which is the main ingredient used to make confections today. Some of the most popular chocolate brands of Mexican origin include Ibarra & Don Gustavo, Carlos V and Abuelita. The uniqueness of these Mexican candy Denver treats comes from their varied flavors, textures and shapes. They all make the product a true work of art in the confectionary industry. Mexico supplies some of the tastiest sweets for all candy lovers, including liquid, solid, salty, spicy and sweet candy. These are also available in various sizes and shapes.

Chamoy Candy

Chamoy is a famous native treat that’s made from plum, apricot and mango extracts as its fruit base. Generally, it bears a sweet, sour and salty taste. This ingredient can be found in some of Mexico’s most renowned candy brands, frozen confectionaries like slushies and fruit sauces as well. When used in these products they are collectively known as Chamoyada. A good fraction of the country’s sweetest and popular treats are dried fruits like mangos, which come dipped in tasty and nutritious chamoy sauce. Nonetheless, Chamoy isn’t just a liquid treat, but is also sold in a thick pasty form as well as powder consistency. One example is the Miguelitos brand which can be taken on its own, or sprinkled on top of other fruits or sweets. Other popular brands that make use of Chamoy are Hola, Tajin, Lucas, Rico, Pelon Pelo and Confetto.

Apart from the above treats, there are also Mexican candy Denver lollipops found at Creager Mercantile which come in all types of flavors and are also suited for different taste buds.