04 Mar

Top 4 E Cigarette Brands Reviewed

A growing trend in today’s world is the desire to quit the conventional tobacco cigarettes and upgrade to e-cigarettes and vaping. However, not everyone supports this adapting future, and with the e-cig reviews having many pros and cons, so what’s the truth? What separates an electronic device from a regular cigarette?

How They Work

E-cigarettes look just like your regular cigarette unless ordered in a specific style or color, except that they light up when you use them and exude a vaporous fog instead of black smoke. They require a battery that can either be replaced or recharged, depending on the type and its features. The costs vary depending on how fancy your desired e-cigarette is, but generally come with the same design and features. Some are disposable, which is perfect for one-time users who simply want to try something different.


The Pros of E-cigarette Use

Any regular e-cig user knows that these are electronic devices that come with a charger and vapor. The vapor is inhaled instead of the common black smoke. Vapor comes from rechargeable vapor liquid containers that come in multiple flavors at several e-cigarette shops; using this vapor is called “vaping”. There are many options for colors, wattage, and styles of e-cigarettes. They can be smoked virtually anywhere because they’re not harmful to those with lung problems and give off the scent of whatever flavor vapor is being used. Most e-cig reviews point toward this method being safer; economic, environmental, and for those struggling to quit regular cigarette smoking. E-cig reviews dictate that this trend is healthier, too: e-cigs alleviate the need to smoke regular cigarettes, which can cause cancer, and have less Nicotine in them. This means you can taper off of the addiction a little easier!

The Cons of E-cigarette Use

E-cigarettes have a few cons that keep people away from them; vaping is far behind on research to prove if they’re healthier than tobacco use. E-cig reviews simply suggest they’re healthier than tobacco, as a “better of two evils” candidate. E-cigarette use is inhaling a fog or cloud of air that’s flavored with chemicals from a liquid (sometimes called e-juice). Commonly, this e-juice or vape liquid consists of vegetable glycerin, which is often used in toothpaste and many other products. Food grade flavorings originally intended for baking or candy making can be found in this liquid as well. However, there is a small percentage of Nicotine (found in tobacco; however, e-cigs only have 0.2% – sometimes more – depending on the strength on the label) and is considered still addicting. Although it alleviates the use of one addiction, it keeps the user on the same addicting path. You’re not really quitting if you’re using a lesser of the two. Nicotine can harm your arteries and heart; withdrawals from Nicotine can cause anxiety and depression, which is equally as bad for your heart and overall health.

So What Should I Believe?

It’s important to have your own reasons to use e-cigarettes, and simply out of health concerns and not because someone told you it’s “safer for the environment”; because, let’s face it, it’s still chemicals. While it’s the better of two evils, between conventional cigarette use and e-cigarette use, it’s likely that you’re still handling an addictive product and to proceed with caution. Just like anything else with little backup research, e-cig reviews will try to make you believe they’re either the best or worst product out there.

The Verdict

While it’s commonplace to accept trends, using e-cigarettes should be completely at the discretion of the person in question. There shouldn’t be a pressure simply because it looks, smells, and seems safer, cheaper, or easier to maintain. It is still an addicting habit; it’s just less of an addiction because of the level of Nicotine generally found in these devices and their e-juices. Nicotine addictions can cause severe withdrawals if tapered off or stopped, which can cause you to start feeling irritable, depressed, restless and anxious. If you’re suffering from heart problems, this can be a factor in needing to quit Nicotine completely; Nicotine is also known to affect your arteries. While e-cig reviews project these devices as less harmful than tobacco, no one truly knows the long-term damage they may cause.